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    application area

    直接下機卷筒寬幅為1000mm以及1800mm,我們可根 據客戶要求分切各種寬幅,最小寬幅50mm。


    The width of the mill-roll is 1000mm and 1800mm, we can cut the width at any size according to customers’requirements, the minimum width is around 50mm.

    Substance range from 25g/m2 to 45g/m2

    與平板膜或卷筒膜具有相同物理指標、定量和規格,或 者根據客戶需求商定。 顏色包括紅、黃、藍、橙、綠、 紫 焦糖色等。 色彩均勻、艷麗。


    With the same specification and technical data as the roll and sheet cellulose film, with red, yellow, blue, orange, green purple and caramel and any other color designated by the buyer.

    Substance range from 20g/m2 to 40g/m2

    以透明纖維素膜為基材,PVDC涂布。 可用作軟包裝的材料,可熱封。 扭結性能好; 水汽、氧氣、香味阻隔性好; 印刷性能好。

    Cellulose film coated with PVDC. Designed to be used in printing and lamination. Excellent twist retention,heat-sealing. Excellent moisture,oxygen and aroma barrier Printable on coated side

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